Top 8 Chapter Resources You Need

What kind of help do you need right now? What type of resources? Our team has compiled the top 8 chapter resources every successful organization needs. In this webinar, we’ll provide you with key takeaways and resources that YOUR CRP PEERS indicated (in a survey) that they need, but can’t find. View Slides >>


  1. Management & Membership: When parents fight and argue, who feels the negative effects? Members win when chapters and HQ get along.
  2. Leadership & Engagement: If you’re not effectively engaging chapters, you can’t expect them to work well with you.
  3. Support for Volunteers & Leaders: How do you stack up to other associations for effective volunteer leader support?
  4. Collecting & Sharing Data: Data will tell the story for you -do you have it? How can you measure success without data?
  5. Component Structures: Why do you have chapters? Research other successful chapters -get a consultant!
  6. Chapter Restructuring: Understand the difference between importance and effectiveness of your chapters.
  7. Case Studies & Best Practices: Are you using case studies to highlight your best performing chapters?
  8. Association Trends for 2017: Focus on what matters, stay aware of what’s going on. Define your biggest obstacles.


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