Chapter Performance & Benchmarking Unwrapped: Using Dashboards to Tell the Chapter Story

Enjoy the slide decks, recordings, chat logs, and resources from Day 2 of our Chapter Performance & Benchmarking Unwrapped workshop.

Whether you attended all three days or couldn’t make it, we hope you’ll enjoy our findings from the Chapter Performance and Benchmarking Unwrapped workshop. And with so much great content, we know you’d like a copy of the slide decks, recordings, chat logs, and resources.

Day 2 – Using dashboards to tell the chapter story

  1. Explore how to use benchmarking to create a dashboard about your chapter programs
  2. Share how your association can use a dashboard to monitor chapter health

Billhighway is a Chapter Management Solution that provides chapter performance and engagement data to headquarters and technology tools to chapters. Let’s chat!

Mariner is your partner in helping association volunteers and staff create the greatest possible value for your members and in ensuring the long-term health and growth of your association. Let’s chat!

The 2022 Chapter Performance & Benchmarking Report

Now what you’ve all been waiting for! We gathered the data for this report on chapter programs to serve as a resource for benchmarking, sharing innovations in chapter management, and starting conversations about the future of chapters.

This report incorporates data analysis from three surveys directed to CEOs, CRPs (or association staff overseeing chapter operations), and chapter leaders, along with findings from CEO roundtables and focus groups—all complemented by insights gained over several decades of managing and consulting with hundreds of associations.

Let’s explore what we gathered and learned.

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