Chapter Rescue: Take Charge of Eleven Common Chapter Crisis Scenarios

Our Chapter Rescue series walks through how to stay ahead of difficult situations and what to do if they arise. Here's 11 chapter crisis scenarios.
Chapter Rescue: Take Charge of Eleven Common Chapter Crisis Scenarios

In this series, we take you through eleven potential crisis scenarios that your chapters could encounter. We cover financial mismanagement, cybersecurity attacks, natural disasters and everything in between. We discuss how to respond if it does happen and what to do to lessen the risk of it happening in the first place.

During and after a disaster, your chapters will look to National for help. As you triage the chaos of the situation, this often results in a heavy administrative and emotional burden on both you and the chapter. With collective prevention planning, you can offer valuable guidance while reducing the stress of uncertainty.

If the title of the post makes you stress, it might be a sign to dig in to see what aspects of the information provided are relevant to your chapters:

If you have limited time, read our two-part Field Guide to Chapter Crises. Here we introduce eleven strategies to help prevent chapter crises. We highlight the prevention themes that made their way to the forefront regardless of the specific crisis scenario. Apply these strategies to keep your chapter operations running smoothly in the face of crisis.

In your role, you know to expect the unexpected. You can’t prevent everything, but having the goal of preparedness will help to minimize the impact of disaster to your people, organization and resources. Should disaster strike, your prevention methods will have your operations running normally as quickly as possible.