Seven Ways to Engage Remote Volunteers

Keeping volunteers engaged when their time may be committed elsewhere is a constant challenge for associations. The right approach can help, says an engagement pro.
Illustration showing six volunteers working around a large heart, which is put together as a puzzle

Guest Post: Ernie Smith, Associations Now


One of the best tools at any association’s disposal is its base of volunteers. But the pandemic may have depressed volunteerism, which means that many groups now have the challenge of bringing them back..

That’s something Wesley Carr, director of stakeholder engagement at the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS), is familiar with. He says the pandemic has dramatically changed the nature of volunteering, including a major decrease in volunteer hours in the weeks after the pandemic began.

That has led to an evolution in strategy for RAPS, which is rebuilding its volunteer approach with a focus on engagement.

Read more about the strategies Carr suggests for engaging volunteers remotely.

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