Throwing the Net Wide Leads to a Surge In Members

One association got a boost in membership, engagement, and retention by listening to members, tailoring resources to directly meet their needs, and being open to new ideas.
Illustration with four people sitting and standing around a huge welcome sign

Guest Post: Lisa Boylan, Associations Now


In late April, the Health Industry Distributors Association announced a 21 percent surge in corporate members, noting that it is exceeding national benchmarks for trade association member renewal rates. The growth is broad-based, with new members from companies of all sizes.

How did HIDA do it? An expanded membership model, ramped up engagement, and proactive, responsive communications were key.

HIDA’s members are distributors of medical products—including personal protective equipment— to hospitals, nursing homes, and more. When the pandemic hit, staff knew members would need the group more than ever, given the critical nature of their services. “We really focused on increasing those member touchpoints,” said Kelley Taft, HIDA’s director of membership.

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