Tips for Improving Relationships With Your Chapter Leaders

Read about 3 ways to ensure your chapters have the support they need to help your association fulfill its goals. Learn how a chapter advisory board can help!
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Get your chapter relationships back on track! How to create stronger relationships with chapter leaders.

Happy July! I hope your summer is coming along nicely and you’re enjoying the warm weather. I know I am! There’s nothing like a little sunshine to get the ideas rolling.

This month, I’d like to share some of my favorite articles about improving relationships with chapter leaders. Chapter relationships start with communication. In the first article, you’ll learn about how technology can dramatically improve your communication with chapter leaders.

Then, read about 3 ways to ensure your chapters have the support they need to help your association fulfill its goals. And finally, learn how a chapter advisory board can get your chapter relationships back on track and encourage strategic alignment. I think you’ll find some great tips in these articles that you can use to give your chapter relationships a boost.

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How to Improve Chapter Leader Communications

One of the things we hear most often from the association community is that they wish they had a better way to communicate with chapters. As it is in the rest of our life, the answer to improved communication is technology. In an effort to improve communication between chapter leaders, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) implemented Slack—tool for communication and collaboration—which they say accomplished this goal almost immediately.

Read about how AIGA found and leveraged Slack to enhance both HQ-to-chapter and leader-to-leader communications as well as provide an extra membership benefit.

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Three Ways to Support Chapter Leaders

Chapters offer a number of benefits to an association by expanding the reach of the larger organization to help it fulfill its goals. But, without proper guidance or resources, chapters may struggle to meet the expectations of both members and the National association. This article, by Associations Now, discusses the importance of finding solutions to make sure chapters have the support they need to provide true benefit to their association.

Read about the 3 steps to strengthening chapter operations by ensuring chapter leaders have the resources and help they need to fulfill their chapter’s purpose.

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Improve Component Relations With a Chapter Advisory Board

All to often, the strained relationship between National and components prevents us from working together to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Repairing the relationship is dependent on rebuilding trust and two-way communication between National and chapters. But, where do we even start? The National Education Technology Association (NETA) started with a chapter advisory board. Chapter advisory boards are a unique tool to build trust between chapter leaders and encourage alignment on strategic goals.

Read about how NETA leveraged a chapter advisory board to identify chapter concerns and ideas through focus groups, polls and monthly conversations with its chapter leaders.

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