14 Ways to Spark FOMO With Your Virtual Conference

Zoom fatigue? Virtual conferences seem to have the same format over and over again. Here's how to spark FOMO with yours!
14 Ways to Spark FOMO With Your Virtual Conference

Zoom fatigue… that’s so last season. Now, everyone’s moved on to virtual conference fatigue. This new syndrome was inevitable because most virtual conferences have been using the same format over and over and over again.

Your prospective attendees are feeling this fatigue too. They wonder, will your virtual conference really be any different? Should I spend the time and money?

Your virtual conference has to offer something different, something that brings FOMO back, something people will talk and tweet about. Here are 14 ways to differentiate your event so it stands out from the typical virtual conference experience.

#1: Virtual Conference Attendee Onboarding

Ok, maybe this isn’t the most exciting idea to start the list, but it’s an important element that’s missing from most virtual conference experiences. It’s a great way to create word-of-mouth marketing buzz while preparing attendees for your conference.

Onboarding helps attendees understand how to navigate and use your virtual event solution so they can have the optimal experience. And wouldn’t it be nice to minimize technical support questions during your event?

Host several well-publicized pre-event attendee meetups where you give tours and answer questions while attendees navigate their way around your virtual platform. Send them on a scavenger hunt with prizes from sponsors. Ask attendees for their feedback on the program. Which sessions are they looking forward to? Are any timely topics missing?

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